Monday, July 2, 2007

Schumacher in the news...

In their April 9, 2007 cover story, "The Global Warming Survival Guide", Time magazine presented 51 things people can do to help protect and save the environment.

If you can make it all the way through to the end of the list, you'll come to the following for point number 51:
51. Consume Less, Share More, Live Simply

The chance to buy a carbon offset—in essence, an emissions indulgence—appeals to the environmental sinner in all of us. But there is an older path to reducing our impact on the planet that will feel familar to Evangelical Christians and Buddhists alike. Live simply. Meditate. Consume less. Think more. Get to know your neighbors. Borrow when you need to and lend when asked. E.F. Schumacher praised that philosophy this way in Small Is Beautiful: "Amazingly small means leading to extraordinarily satisfying results."

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Al1 said...

For those readers who aren't terribly familiar with economics, or have a background in economics, Small is Still Beautiful, Joseph Pearce, might be a wonderful introduction. Absent of all the economic terminology that could make Schumacher's writing difficult for the average person, this book can do the trick.

For those who want a short summary of the book, check my blog, particularly at this post.